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New Menu!

Drum roll please... proudly presenting: "La Mariposa Restaurant and Margarita House's" new menu!

La Mariposa New Menu | Michelada Preparada

The Menu Over 34 years of proudly serving the community of Northern Colorado (Lyons, Greeley, Longmont, and Boulder), a collection of the best authentic Mexican recipes from their respective states, the collaboration of all our chefs, a team of photographers, designers and after four months it is finally finished! What's New? Bright colors and beautiful entrée pictures showcase the culinary art, hard work, and years of experience of La Mariposa kitchens. Favorites like: The 20" Burrito, Taco Salad, Combinations, Molcajetes, Enchiladas, and Traditional Dishes remain in the new menu. Here is a breakdown of what's new in the same order as the new menu's layout. In the Appetizers section "Chili Cheese Fries" have been added at the request of our patrons, as well as "Mexican Corn on the Cob" and "El Trio" which features our famous salsa, guacamole, and queso. The "Drinks Menu" is now part of the new menu. With over 40 margaritas which include old-time favorites and new delicious additions like; the "Gansito Margarita", "Pineapple Jalapeño Coin Margarita" and now the "Giant 44 oz. Margarita" can be filled with "House", "Premium" or "Top Shelf" options. Two of the coolest and biggest additions are the "Margarita Tower": 96 oz. of delicious margarita, beer, mimosa, or michelada, and the "Snap-able Margaritas": Giant 44 oz. themed margaritas filled from cotton candy, to an assortment of Mexican candy to actual cake mixed in the margarita for the "Birthday Margarita" (which is really really good by the way). All-time favorite cocktails and shots have also been added to the new menu, for those who are whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, and tequila aficionados! The "Happy Hour Menu" is also now part of the new menu. It remains as delicious as ever with great specials Monday thru Saturday from 3 PM to 6 PM. Margaritas, Beers, and Cocktails from $6. Mexican eats favorites like Street Tacos at only $2.50 and many others at very happy prices! The house specialty "Fajitas", remains as delicious as ever with ten different choices of fajita combinations and cooking styles. In the ten different fajita styles, there are four chef-crafted and featured fajitas: the "Seafood", "Ranchero", "Al Pastor" and "Carnitas" fajitas. A brand new "Taco Section" has been added to the new menu and yes it has our famous "Birria and Consome" taco. There are nine different taco selections with two vegetarian options among them. The "Mariscos", which means "Seafood" is simply awesome, just like the rest of the new menu.. but we have to give the chefs props on this particular section and this is why: Seafood restaurants in Mexico and around the world must have chefs that are specialized in preparing raw and cooked seafood. We had chefs who live in the coastal state of Sinaloa in Mexico (which is known to be one of the best, if not the best seafood culinary state in Mexico) prepare and make sure we have the most authentic taste in our seafood. Therefore, our chefs have gone to great lengths to make sure the seafood is prepared at its utmost quality. Lime cured seafood favorites like: "Aguachies Verdes, Rojos and Negros", "Ceviche" (Shrimp and Fish), "Oysters" and "Prepared Oysters" (filled with ceviche) are now all part of the new menu! Then there is "The Clamamonster": a monstrous delicious creation of oysters, shrimp, beef jerky, cueritos, cabbage, tomato, and cucumber in a Clamato cocktail sauce that is just great! "Camarones y Pescado al Gusto" allows patrons to choose the style of preparation and sauces for their fish or shrimp. "Sandwiches and More" is also a brand new section in the Mariposa Menu. Sandwiches include: "Fried Chicken", "Sirloin Steak", Torta", "Baja Fish" and "The Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger". But, there's more... it does say "and more". The "Fried Fiesta" is our unique take on the popular dish, fish, and chips. It has lightly breaded shrimp, fish and chicken served with french fries. On the last page of the new menu, patrons will find "The Lunch Menu". Burritos, Entrées, Combinations, and Duos at great prices and prepared under 30 minutes from Monday to Friday from 11 AM to 3 PM. The endings must be nice and sweet. The last section on the new menu is the "Deserts" section. "Homemade Churros", "Cheese Cake", "Flan", "Sopapillas" and everyone's favorite "Fried Ice Cream".

This menu was created with a lot of hard work from everyone at La Mariposa Restaurants. It has a little bit of everyone who has ever worked at our restaurants at one point or another during our 34 years of service to the northern Colorado communities. We hope you love the food as much as we love preparing it for you.

Click on this link to view the menu:

by: Jorge A. Murillo All Access Marketing Group (505)417-1601

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