Like every great story begins …

Once upon a time, in the city of Fort Lupton, Colorado, a young newlywed couple, that
originated from Chihuahua, the largest state in Mexico. Rene Cervantes, a young mason,
dedicated to the construction of the then United Bank Building (now The Wells Fargo
Center) in the city of Denver, CO. Maria Cervantes his beautiful and young enterprising
wife. She worked for an electronic semiconductor company called Technetics. Together
they worked very hard to better themselves and give their children a better tomorrow. It
was for her children, that one day, Maria began selling tamales and burritos at her work.
The reason? Their then only son Rene Cervantes Jr.’s birthday was rapidly approaching,
and money was tight. She wanted to buy him the shoes he would wear with his one year
birthday outfit. Prior to this, the idea of selling food, never crossed Maria’s mind, much
less own a restaurant. Then one fateful day, while on break, everything would change
with a simple exchange of food.

Rene and his co-workers would bring their own lunch to work. During lunch break they
often exchanged food (Warm Burritos for Sandwiches). Everybody loved to exchange
with Rene, because Maria’s cooking was phenomenal. One day, his co-worker Larry
Tinajera said “Rene, this burrito is delicious! Why don’t you bring burritos to sell?” Rene
did not find the idea very attractive, since he didn’t want to sell burritos among his coworkers.
Nevertheless, he begrudgingly told his wife what Larry had said. Maria, who
was already selling burritos and tamales at her work, was very excited about the idea
because she would always insist Rene, “take burritos to sell”. She enthusiastically replied
“Why not? Let’s do it!” although not keen of the idea, Rene accepted to appease his wife.
Unbeknownst to them at the time, they had just planted a seed that would flourish into
opening their first restaurant.

Today, walking the steps to the entrance of the Wells Fargo Center, Rene recalls how he
would sell out before even making it to the entrance. Those burritos were very special,
because they were handmade, from the tortilla to their fresh ingredients. Thanks to their
good taste and excellent quality, the popularity of those burritos grew.
After a while, they became aware of a small restaurant called “La Mariposa” that was for
sale in the city of Longmont, CO. The young couple knew nothing at all about how to run
their own business, much less what it takes to operate and run a restaurant. They only
knew 3 things; their food was exceptionally popular, together they could do anything
and they wanted to give their children a better tomorrow. So they decided to take the
risk and buy the restaurant. Three decades later those 3 things still ring true, but now
they can also say without a doubt they know how to run a restaurant.

30 years ago the Cervantes family, with so much love and hope, opened the doors of that
small restaurant called “La Mariposa” for the first time. 30 years later it’s still operating,
at the same location, with the same great service, the same incomparable flavor, and
with that same love for preparing and serving excellent Mexican food for all their
customers. Many of the customers are also the same ones from 30 years ago! Some
things have changed over time… That small restaurant today is known as: La Mariposa
Restaurant & Margarita House, is much larger, and now has new sister locations, with
its namesake in Greeley, CO and Lyons, CO. In addition to La Mariposa Restaurants,
Mr. Rene Cervantes, his wife Maria and children Rene Jr., Christina, Crystal, and
Anthony grew their restaurant business by opening three more restaurants; Tito’s
Mexican Grill (fast casual burrito joint) in Loveland, CO and Berthoud, CO and also
Agave Mexico Bistro and Tequila House (Concept of high cuisine, and offers over 300
types of Tequila) in Boulder, CO. Great food is always accompanied by great music, and
it is in music that the Cervantes family found its calling for making great events in the
state of Colorado. Rencer Enterprises is the largest and most prestigious company in the
Regional Mexican genre in the state of Colorado. 30 years ago, who could imagine that
humble lunchbox full of burritos was the beginning of something so great.

The Cervantes Family is in the process of building a new spectacular home for “La
Mariposa Restaurant & Margarita House”, which will open its doors to the public very
soon in the city of Longmont. This will be the first restaurant building that the Cervantes
Family creates from it the ground up. The project means a lot to the Cervantes family,
because it symbolizes all the years of effort, work, community support, and is the family
legacy for all future generations.

“It has been an honor to serve the state of Colorado, and its tourists for these
unforgettably wonderful 30 years. On behalf of our family, we thank all of you who have
supported us so much, and for being part of this beautiful story. We invite you to visit us
in Longmont, Lyons and Greeley, come and celebrate with us our 30 year anniversary,
we are here to serve you, in this, your restaurant, ‘La Mariposa’ Thank you.”

-Rene and Maria Cervantes